August 14-16, 2015

San Francisco, CA

A conference for developers who use the Scala language or are interested in functional programming practices. Brought to you by the organizers of last year's Scala By The Bay and this year's Text By the Bay 2015 and Big Data Scala 2015 conferences.

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Scala: End-to-end Reactive Systems

Scala By the Bay is the main developer conference of SF Scala, the largest Scala developer meetup in the world, held in the San Francisco Bay Area on August 14-16, 2015 for the third year. The conference is strictly developer-centric and connects senior Scala developers, engineering managers, and startups building their businesses on Scala. There is no marketing talks at this conference: we prefer live coding and open-source code on the screen. We cut through all the buzzwords directly to working systems, working together. The kinds of systems we’re interested in comprise the key parts of a web-scale backend and are written in Scala or enable Scala systems. We’re also looking for training sessions where users can learn about those systems.

Keynote Speakers

Dean Wampler

Dean (@deanwampler) Wampler is the Architect for Big Data Products and Services for Typesafe. He builds scalable, distributed, "Big Data" applications using Spark, Hadoop, and other tools. He is the author of "Programming Scala, Second Edition", the co-author of "Programming Hive", and the author of "Functional Programming for Java Developers", all from O'Reilly. Dean is a contributor to several open source projects and he co-organizes several technology conferences and Chicago-based user groups.

Andrew Headrick

Andrew (@andrewheadrick) Headrick is the founder and CEO of InnoVint, a Bay Area startup building Scala-based software to manage wineries. Prior to that, Andrew was the lead architect for TicketFly, where he built a highly-scalable Akka platform to withstand self-inflicted DDoS every time popular events go on sale.

Dick Wall

Dick (@dickwall) Wall is a veteran Java developer who became a full time Scala developer around 5 years ago. He works with Typesafe as a member of the developer advocate team and is a partner with Bill Venners in Escalate Software, a Scala training company. Dick also founded the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts (BASE), one of the first Scala user groups in the US, and is founder and co-host of the Java Posse and Scalawags podcasts. In his spare time, Dick is a keen cyclist, both road and mountain, a motorcyclist and a hiker. Stories from adventures in these activities have a habit of working their way into Dick's presentations, particularly some of the more remarkable incidents.

Jonas Bonér

Jonas Bonér is a programmer, speaker, writer, Java Champion and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CTO of Typesafe and is an active contributor to the open source community; most notably started the Akka project and the AspectWerkz AOP runtime (now AspectJ). Learn more at:

More to come

Stay tune for other exciting keynotes!

Big Data Scala follows Scala By the Bay

The key differences between Scala By the Bay (SBTB) and Big Data Scala (BDS) are as follows:

  • SBTB is the traditional hard-core Scala conference, held for the 3rd year in a row
  • Talks cover all spectrum of Scala engineering, including key FP principles
  • BDS is a new conference where Big Data community at large learns about the Scala advantage
  • BDS will have a significant Scala newbie attendance, especially data scientists
  • SBTB will cover real-time API scalability and reactive concerns to the degree that BDS will not
  • BDS will cover Hadoop integrations and analytics to the degree that SBTB will not
  • Both have separate CFPs, registrations, and training sessions, but share Complete Pipeline Training

Both Scala By the Bay and Big Data Scala will share the following common properties:

  • Both are held at the same venue, UCSF Mission Bay
  • BDS follows SBTB after the common training day
  • Complete Pipeline Training between the conferences is open to both (but fits half from each).

    It covers Mesos, Akka, Kafka, and Spark in one day

  • We provide discounted packages on both conferences attended together

The Agenda

Come to Scala By the Bay well-rested and ready to meet your fellow Scala developers. We'll have two full days of talks (keynotes, full-length, and lightning), and multiple training tracks, including a Complete Pipeline Training day before.

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